Outcomes and prices


Pain-relief package

    This package provides a full course of integrated treatment until the pain is stopped. Patients with pain conditions listed will no longer need taking pain-killers after a full course of treatment. The treatment outcome is guaranteed. 


Price: £250


Laser blood therapy package for primary hypertension


  This package provides a laser blood therapy device (a wrist laser watch), treatment training, making a treatment plan, diet analysis, individualized diet recipe, monitoring progress, treatment support and consultancy until the goal agreed has been achieved. Your treatment goal is guaranteed.


Goals to achieve and prices:


    Lower Grade I primary hypertension to normal (<140/90 mmHg).


Price: £495


    Lower Grade II and III primary hypertension below 160/90 (fluctuation range: 120-160/75-90) mmHg and stop taking antihypertensive drugs. Afterwards, it takes variable periods of time to lower blood pressures to normal (depending on age and kidney conditions).


Price: £595


    Antihypertensive drug resistance with kidney conditions or other relevant complications:


Price: £645


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