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Money Back Guarantee

   We can provide a range of state-of-the-art drug-free alternative therapies. Based on our knowledge, experience and new technologies, we are confident to relieve conditions listed below. If the outcome does not achieve the expected goal agreed, we promise money back guarantee. 



Pain relief


     We treat following conditions with a combination of low frequency, infrared and food therapy to achieve a optimal and long-lasting cure.

  • Neck pain (stiff neck),
  • back pain (including lumbar herniation, injury)
  • shoulder pain (frozen shoulder)
  • knee pain
  • other types of soft tissue pains

​     We provide a  treatment package for each above condition to stop the pain.


Laser blood therapy for primary hypertension


      Laser blood therapy is based on new understanding of primary hypertension and low energy laser technology. It can replace and revolutionize antihypertensive drug-based therapy for the treatment of primary hypertension. This therapy may be new to some people. We provide a series of comprehensive explaination. Please visit Hypertension & laser blood therapy section for more information.

A wrist watch model of therapeutic laser device with a nasal cavity insert for hypertension treatment.



     Our Clinic has developed a unique treatment regimen for primary hypertension. The regimen is based on laser blood therapy together with food therapy and self-Chinese meridian massage to achieve a reliable and stable outcome. We can provide an individualized treatment package for each condition. It includs a therapeutic laser device (a wrist laser watch as shown in above picture), individualized food recipe, self-treatment training and treatment supervision until achieving the goal agreed. We treat following hypertensive conditions and aim to lower blood pressures to normal or optimal status:

  • Lowering Grade I primary hypertension to normal. If a patient has primary hypertension with blood pressures under 160/100 mmHg and has not taken any antihypertensive medication. An individualized treatment package can lower blood pressures to normal (<140/90 mmHg).


  • Replacing drug therapy and lowering Grade II or III primary hypertension to normal. If a patient has primary hypertension with blood pressures at or over 160/100 mmHg and has taken antihypertensive medication. An individualized treatment package will help to stop antihypertensive drug therapy gradually after the blood pressures have been lowered to or below 160/100 mmHg without taking any antihypertensive drug and then lower blood pressures to normal (<140/90 mmHg or 160/100 mmHg for patients who are over 70).


  • Primary hypertension with drug resistance and/or kidney problems. If a patient has antihypertensive drug resistance condition and/or kidney problems, our treatment regimen cannot guarantee to lower blood pressures to normal ranges but can help to lower dangerous high blood pressures below 180/110 mmHg. That can greatly reduce the risks of stroke and heart attack.

  • Hypertension with complications. If a patient has one or more following complications, we can provide additional training or treatment for each condition if it is necessary:


Arrhythmia and other cardiovascular conditions






Diabetic conditions

Chronic pain conditions


Other problems


  • dermatitis 
  • skin ulcer
  • asthma
  • chronic infections

Before visiting us


    You are encouraged to have a diagnosis from your GP or hospital Doctors either previously or recently. That will be useful for us to judge your conditions. Based on your condition and nature of health problems, we will make an appropriate treatment choice and plan. 

    If you have any bleeding disorder, tissue or organ transplant, heart problem and pregnancy or are wearing a pacemaker etc., you must have a relevant diagnosis before visiting us and let us know your conditions. It will ensure that we can take care of your safety. So please help us to help you.

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