What is laser blood therapy?


     A laser light is a specific wavelength of pure light. It contains single wavelength of light with a pure colour. It needs to clarify that laser therapy often refers to using low level energy laser to do medical treatment (commonly termed as low level laser therapy, LLLT), which is different from high energy laser. The high energy laser can burns objects instantly and is often used as a type of cutter in clinical surgery to reduce bleeding or a type of weapons in military use to destroy object. Therefore high energy laser is mainly used as a tool to cut or destroy things. Low energy laser does not cause any harm to cells but can photo-activate molecules in our body to show many benefits to cell functions. That is what laser therapy really means. Red light is a visible light and does not generate heat or cause ionizing damage. Most of molecules in human cells absorb and respond well to the wavelength ranges 630-680 nm (red light) and around 830 nm (near infrared). We selected laser device with a wavelength of 650 nm for the treatment of primary hypertension.

  Blood is a mobile suspension containing blood cells and large molecule components. Laser blood therapy is to use laser beam to irradiate passing by blood at a local body surface area. The targets of the therapy are blood components, mainly blood cells. Although the treatment is locally, it shows benefits to the whole body in many ways. Therefore I prefer using the term Laser Blood Therapy, LBT.

     Primitive laser blood therapy inserted a laser beam needle into a vein in an arm. Modern laser blood therapy does not need insert a laser beam needle into any blood vessels. A certain energy level of red light or near infrared can penetrate skin and tissues to irradiate blood cells. Wrist laser watch model is the most popular laser device for the treatment of hypertension (Fig.1). It is non-invasive, no pain, no worry about blood contamination and infection and easy to operate. You can wear it on or off just like wearing a wrist watch. The low energy laser light does not cause any harm to local skin and tissues and is very safe. 




Fig.1 A wrist watch model of red laser device for the treatment of hypertension. 


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