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Our Clinic is devoted to drug-free alternative therapies for a variety of clinical conditions. We have introduced new theories about pains and hypertension and the state-of-the-art therapeutic technologies including electrotherapy, infrared therapy and laser therapy combined with food therapy and Chinese traditional meridian therapy to achieve reliable symptom relief and cure. These therapies have been proven to be safe, painless and very effective for treating and preventing a variety of conditions. We can help you to stop taking drugs safely and avoid drug-induced adverse effects.




Our service quality is guaranteed:

No relief, no charge.


Our expertise and focus are on drug-free alternative therapies to 

  • stop pains (visit Our services section for details)
  • treat primary hypertension 


     Laser blood therapy can replace drug therapy to treat primary hypertension. It sounds beyond belief to some people. If you are interested in the therapy, please visit the Hypertension & laser blood therapy section for more information. The information can help patient to understand current situation of hypertension, blood pressures, blood viscosity and primary hypertension, laser blood therapy, mechanism of red laser for treating hypertension and harmful effects of drug therapy etc. 


     Pains or other diseases ruin our life quality. Most of drug-based therapies can only mask or suppress symptoms rather than cure them. Drugs often cause adverse effects and may result in additional health problems. More and more findings and technologies have shown their great potentials to replace drug therapy for many clinical conditions more effectively and reliably. They are safe and no side effects and most importantly, can promote healing to cure the conditions. Stopping taking tablets daily can avoid your future drug-induced health troubles.


     Food therapy can greatly help healing process and maintain long-term health conditions. It is essential for treating most of chronic conditions and achieving long-lasting cure. 



We help patients to unlock their own natural power to treat diseases.





What is the Dragon Concept?


    The Dragon was the most important cultural totem in ancient China. It was created by Chinese ancestors some five thousand years ago. The totem integrates horse’s face, tiger’s eyes, deer’s horns, snake’s body, falcon’s talons and fish’s scales and tail. It symbolises a collection of the most important cultural concepts: distinctionIntegration and unification. I put these concepts together and termed it as Dragon Concept. Our logo is the artistic representation of the Chinese character  (dragon) and integrates science and ancient Chinese philosophy. It is the basis of the philosophy in our practice. We look at all relevant aspects of a disease, and treat patients holistically rather than just focusing on relieving symptoms.

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